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Blowing In The Wind

Handcrafted Leaf Jewellery

            These are hand picked real leaves!

Our stylish Blowing in the Wind collection features hand picked real leaves, preserved with different finishes. each leaf is a handcrafted piece of wearable art, unique and totally individual.

If you haven't seen the leaves, they are stunningly delicate, but surprisingly robust and with almost any style, both a dramatic choker, or as a fashionable long necklace.

The leaves have gone through several stages to look perfect before they reach you. firstly, each leaf is checked for imperfections, as only perfect leaves can be used to make our jewellery. Then the leaf is fitted with an electrical contact point and hand painted with copper solution.

Once this has dried, the leaves are placed in an electrolytic solution which has microscopic particles of 24K Gold (nickel free) The electrical contact attracts the particles of gold and the metal builds up on the leaf to the perfect thickness, which preserves even the most intricate and minute surface details.

Finally, the leaves are cleaned and quality checked again, as the shiny new coatings magnify any tiny imperfections.

           Natural leaves preserved beautifully!

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